Last minute improvement: I've added a 4016 quad bilateral switch at the end of the signal chain. The audio passes through it at a rate specified by a square-wave LFO. The result is an audio-rate amplitude modulation effect. LISTEN_


eatabean said...

I am interested to learn more about this! How do you synch your synths to the drum machine? Is it a voltage comparator triggering this 4016? Love the jams, the music is great!
I'm on the Oddmusic list and have bent a gob of stuff, opto theremins and the like as well. I like to use a completely closed wooden box (very mysterious) and throw in blinking bicycle lights one at a time... chaos! I put a 3909 oscillator into a slide tube, acoustically reinforcing the harmonics while being light sensitive, it was a great instrument.
jim in sweden

Anonymous said...

do you have a schematic for syncing?thanks, keep up the good work