An audio synthesizer controlled by your proximity to an attached antennae. Based on the heterodyne principal, the same technology used in the Theremin.



The H3X3N Collaborative (IX project)

For the past couple of weeks I've been helping out with a collaborative project being developed for the Interactivos festival in Madrid, Spain. My specific tasks were to interface a wii remote w/ a blue-tooth arduino board as well as other computers using Open Sound Control, and write an audio synthesis program using Max/MSP. You can check out what the project is all about as well as the development process at our blog. [h3x3n.wordpress.com] Also, here is a Flickr album from the lab in Madrid.


Circuit Bending Workshop @ E.S.S. Chicago

I will be conducting a circuit bending workshop at the Experimental Sound Studio here in Chicago on July 28th and 29th.
Topics will include:
- technology of toys
- hacking the clock
- glitches
- interfacing controls
- LEDs and photo-resistors
- audio output
- packaging your instrument
- building circuits to control your toy
- automatic switches
- step sequencers
- and more...

[sign up by calling E.S.S. @ 773-769-1069]

Hope to see you there!


Casio SK-1 sync input: [2]



Casio SK-1 sync input:

This sk-1 modification is based off a 4016 bilateral switch IC. The 5v analog pulse from the tr-606 drum machine is triggering the IC which is in turn switching the 'one key play' function on the Casio. This allows for prerecorded melodies to be synced with the tr-606. by SWIFT

this vid also features my speak & spell w/ trigger input.


[FM_radio] SWIFT

Instruments used: Roland TR-606 + FM radio + TeleSynth + voltage controlled amplifier. This is a live recording.