This device is a self contained synthesizer built into an IBM joystick (circa 1984). Because of the simplicity of the original construction, it was quite simple to 'hack' the joystick control to interface with my circuit. Essentially the two axis of the joystick controls two 1 mega-ohm potentiometers. There is also a momentary button which triggers the amplitude envelope. It's fun to play and has lots of expressive potential.


Emergency Responder III

Found this mysterious box at the local thrift store today. I decided it is either a portable emergency telephone dialer for the elderly or a Bat Phone. Everything seems to work perfectly... all the buttons light up and it makes this really annoying buzzing sound when one of them is pressed. The entire inside surface is velvet and it also came with a functional remote. Anyway, i plan to gut most of it and reuse the case for one of my electronic instruments... i think the wood detail along with the velvet will make an excellent synthesizer case.