griD_tRace @ the School Of The Art Institute Undergraduate Thesis Exhibition

What an overwhelming show! So much work to see. I had to come back to the gallery multiple times just to take it all in. I received excellent feedback and critiques about my piece. Thanks to everyone who checked it out. For those of you who didn't get a chance to make it here is some documentation of what I had up at the show.

Title: griD_tRace
- An interactive software installation for music and generative drawing.
This was inspired by video games such as pong and breakout. Ultimately it's a playful investigation into the possibilities of an alternative musical interface. The software was built using Max/MSP, an object oriented programming environment. The audio is synthesized in real-time using an additive synthesis technique. You can hear a sample here. As the audio is generated an image begins to emerge that has a direct relationship to what you hear. The control interface was built using arduino.

Download---> griD_tRace
Note: This file is a Max Collective app. Download Max/MSP runtime for free to use griD_tRace.

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