Yamaha CS-5 Synthesizer Repair.

I successfully repaired my CS-5 last night. I was a bit of a struggle because the previous owner attempted the same thing but destroyed the circuit board contacts in the process... I had to do a bit of surgery but it's quite solid now.
For anyone who would like to know: in order to remove the front panel, you need to take off the two plastic ends and then the 3 screws along the bottom in the back. The top should then be free of the body.
Check out this flickr set for more photos.


Anonymous said...

Good post.

Anonymous said...

Hello i' ve found a CS 5 in a bin but there is no transfo. Could you tell me whitch PSU it needs?
I saw it is a symetric PSU but i don' t know what voltage it is.

Anonymous said...

It uses +-15 volts, I suppose.

Anonymous said...


I've recently got a faulty CS5, There's a fault with the filter, It only plays with the pitch slider right down and only on the low few keys, It seems to be getting worse too but I can't find out whats causing it.

I don't have the LFO chip in but i'm sure that wouldn't affect it.

Could you point me in the right direction?



Alex_Inglizian said...

Hi Jonny!

Sorry to hear about your cs5 troubles. unfortunately i'm not too familiar with the circuitry of this synth. Luckily my problem was electromechanical and a fairly simple fix. I would recommend a thorough cleaning of all the sliders and knobs just to make sure there are no shorts.
Other than that, it may need a trip to the repair shop.

good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Alex, I hope I got your name right..
I have bought a really nice CS5 recently but a week after buying it I seem to of broken the external input. I tried plugging many things into it and was loving it , then I tried a tatty Casio SK1 which had a loose mains input and it produced and very nasty frequency which has made the input dead, could you shed any light on my situation, could it be a fuse? Any help or time is hugely appreciating as I can't afford the professional fix at this moment, best regards... JACK