This device is a self contained synthesizer built into an IBM joystick (circa 1984). Because of the simplicity of the original construction, it was quite simple to 'hack' the joystick control to interface with my circuit. Essentially the two axis of the joystick controls two 1 mega-ohm potentiometers. There is also a momentary button which triggers the amplitude envelope. It's fun to play and has lots of expressive potential.


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nice blog work !

Anonymous said...

wow. thats hottt (multiple T's required)

Anonymous said...

can you record a jam session in wav?

Alex_Inglizian said...

sure. Why do you ask?

Anonymous said...

Dude, Can you post plans for alot of this stuff that explain how to do some of these circuit bending projects in detail?

It would be alot of help for people that wanna learn how.

Thats dude.