Circuit Bending Workshop @ E.S.S. Chicago

I will be conducting a circuit bending workshop at the Experimental Sound Studio here in Chicago on July 28th and 29th.
Topics will include:
- technology of toys
- hacking the clock
- glitches
- interfacing controls
- LEDs and photo-resistors
- audio output
- packaging your instrument
- building circuits to control your toy
- automatic switches
- step sequencers
- and more...

[sign up by calling E.S.S. @ 773-769-1069]

Hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

i would like to be there. i now have myself soldering equipment, resistors, capacitors, wire, tiny screwdrivers, book, toys aquired at goodwill, and some other stuffs too. i am going to be experimenting but i will for sure have questions and you are perhaps a guy with answers.

you are making a lot of excellent work and excellent work is always inspiring to me.

hearts and all,

cbnoob said...

Thanks, and I really enjoyed the workshop. I've been trying to find the breadboard you showed us, but I can't find at Radioshack or Jameco. Do you mind telling me the exact model number or the name for it?